About us

Go Now Jets is a private aircraft consultancy specialising in business aviation. We combine our extensive experience and knowledge with a high quality bespoke service that prioritises comfort, security and efficiency.

Our aim is to provide a fully customised service, from the moment we receive your flight request until you arrive at your final destination.

Who needs to take a private flight?

It goes without saying that private aviation is not within most people’s financial reach. It might be an option on rare occasions but sometimes there simply is no other way. Whether it’s due to the uniqueness of your profession, personal circumstances, or security measures, we understand that individuals looking for private flights want a high quality bespoke service that is both flexible and efficient. At Go Now Jets we offer our clients total peace of mind.

The pursuit of excellence is our primary concern. To guarantee the highest possible service, we want you to be able to count on us around the clock, no matter the time or place.

The main advantage of being private jet ad-hocs consultants os not having the need of using our own fleet first, we use the most convenient option. At Go Now Jets, we have a wide range of different options at our fingertips and will always secure you the best available aircraft on the market at the most competitive price.

Due to our many years in the industry and continuous contact with different operators, handlers and airports, we have carved out a special niche in the sector. Our knowledge of the private aviation industry and strong negotiating power are vital when it comes to securing the best deal for our customers.

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