Corporate flights

Meetings are unpredictable, “you always know when you’re coming in but you never know when you’re going out”, so if the meeting runs long or ends early, the plane will always be available for you to take off when you need it.

Flying with weapons

At Go Now Jets you will be advised in compliance with the relevant regulations of the destination country, offering you assistance to avoid unnecessary delays. We will take care of all the necessary formalities so that you can take your weapons equipment on board the aircraft.

Music tours and DJ

We work so that musical groups can carry out their tours. We analyse the trip down to the last millimetre: flight time, distance between airports, opening hours and the possibility of extending the airport’s opening hours if necessary.

Pleasure trips

Enjoy a unique experience in complete security and privacy. Whether it’s a romantic dinner date in Paris, a weekend getaway to a beach destination or even a trip to the Caribbean with the whole family, we help you relax and enjoy a luxury of comforts.

Travelling with pets

One of the greatest advantages of travelling on a private flight is the possibility that pets can accompany you in the cabin and not in the hold. This is a convenience for everyone as we know that pets are the most important thing for our customers.


We organise flights for any type of event, sporting events: football final, tennis or golf championship; launch of new products, conferences, lectures or invitations from a sponsor… each flight will be adapted to your needs.