Business Trips

Meetings are unpredictable. As someone once put it, “you always know what time they begin, but haven’t a clue when they’ll end.” For this reason, an aircraft will be permanently available for a departure time of your choosing should your meeting run over or finish earlier than expected.

Weapons and Ammunition

Go Now Jets will comply with the regulations of the destination country, providing you with assistance in order to bypass unnecessary delays. We will expedite all necessary procedures so that you can take your weapons aboard the plane.

Musical Tours & DJs

We also work with touring musicians and bands. To guarantee a smooth tour, we plan each trip down to the millimetre: flight time, distance between airports, airport opening hours and the possibility of extending these should it be necessary.

Pleasure Flights

Enjoy a unique experience with total security and privacy. Whether it’s a romantic date for dinner in Paris, a weekend getaway to a beach destination or even a trip to the Caribbean with the whole family, we will help you relax and enjoy a wealth of amenities

Mascota viajando en cabina de avión

Pet Flights

One of the greatest advantages of travelling by private charter is that pets are able to travel with you in the cabin as opposed to having to go in the hold. This is a convenience for everyone, especially as we know how important our customers’ pets are to them.


We organise flights for any type of sporting event: football finals, tennis or golf championships, product launches, conferences, presentations or invitations from sponsors … we will tailor each flight to your individual needs.

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