Empty legs

Empty leg flights are flights that have no passengers. If your flight route matches an empty leg then you could save up to 70% compared to the normal price of a private jet flight.

How “Empty Leg” calls work.

Empty legs usually occur for two reasons: the aircraft, having completed its predetermined itinerary, returns “empty” to its base or flies to a different airport to begin a new route. Equally, an aircraft might begin its journey at a different airport to its base and travel “empty” to collect passengers scheduled for its next flight.


If, after reviewing the published empty legs, one matches or is similar to your chosen route then we can request to use the aforementioned Empty Leg for your private charter flight. This is significantly more economic than the original cost of the flight.

In the event of not finding a route that suits you, don’t hesitate to call us for help and advice about alternative flight options.

Empty Leg Advantages:

  • Greater savings – you can save up to 70% compared to the standard price of a private flight.
  • AircraftGo Now Jets has access to a wide range of available aircraft that cater to all your 
preferences and needs.
  • A swift response – no matter the time or place. We guarantee we will get back to you within two 
hours of your request.
  • Bespoke service – your air consultant will be available around the clock to guarantee a first-class 
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