Air ambulances


In a critical or emergency situation, an air ambulance service may be available.


To transport a patient by air ambulance, it is essential to have the right equipment depending on the seriousness of each situation. We have access to aircraft with complete medical equipment suitable for transporting serious patients on ambulance or emergency flights: with more than one stretcher, incubators, oxygen, nurses, doctors… Depending on what is required in each case. A real mobile ICU (Intensive Care Unit), as long as the patient is medically approved for such a transfer.

If necessary, it can be requested to fly at a certain flight level so that the cabin pressure is adequate for the patient, as well as coordinating the departure/arrival of an ambulance service at the foot of the runway.

Medical flights

For repatriation due to illness or accident, count on Go Now Jets.聽Feel the peace of mind of having the best attention at all times both on the ground and in flight so that the transfer is as fast and safe as possible.