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Comfort and privacy

Saving time is one of the main advantages when booking a private flight. In business aviation there are no check-in queues, no delays at security checks, everything revolves around a high level of comfort and of course, privacy. The take-off time will be tailored to your needs, you only have to arrive at the airport 20 minutes before the flight departs.

Security and flexibility

Flying privately will allow you to land at local secondary airports which are not accessible to scheduled commercial flights. All the aircraft we offer have AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) and insurance in force, always available to the client on request.

At Go Now Jets we are always ready to find the best solution for your trip, and to do so, you will have an expert airline consultant at your disposal who you can contact 24/7.

We operate internationally, without borders. We can suggest smaller local airports to get you closer to your final destination, as well as access to general aviation terminals exclusively for private jets.

Our background and knowledge of the sector allows us to have a great bargaining power when it comes to offering the best available option for the client, without any financial commitment in the short or long term.

At Go Now Jets we care about the safety of our passengers, so we rigorously ensure that all aircraft have a valid Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) and insurance.

Once the flight is confirmed, and, whenever possible, within approximately 2 hours we can have your aircraft ready for take-off subject to aircraft availability and positioning time.

The advantage of not having our own fleet allows us to have access to all the aircraft available for charter in the market, in order to offer the best solution. You can choose from the model, year of manufacture and interior qualities of the aircraft.

A variety of business jets, from very light jets to cover short inter-city distances to ultra-long range across the pond.

For destinations where there is no airport nearby, we can organise a helicopter charter service, fulfilling all the expectations of a charter flight.

Very light jets or small-cabin jets: a type of general aviation that also includes turboprops, capable of covering closer distances and shorter runways.

Hospital flights. In the event of a critical or emergency situation, we will provide you with an air ambulance service with the necessary medical equipment.